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PostSubject: #102310 -Day:Social    #102310 -Day:Social  I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 23, 2010 9:07 pm

The Soviet

-Woke up Sparin ankle for last night- FML
-Read about Game last night that we lost in OT- FML
-Went to school 830 for flim and O got 300yards con QB immobile- Nice but still a loss but the UR guy came and said I palyed a pertty good game and hoped that my ankle got better FTW
- Went to MD's with Davie , Fun as shit
- Went home instead of playing Fallout New Vegas I made ( updated ) this site
- Yea this site I am not going to try to be professorial, I am going to try the other spectrum(I have not clue about how this is going to work Fuck it.)
- Homecoming for the rest of my peers. Yea fuck that shit most ppl just pretend to like me anyway so yea fuck that shit I never go to shit like that

Social Notes ~

* just incase my shit get some trouble for some reason, I will only but the first letter of the last name because they are minors *

Russell S
#102310 -Day:Social  THQ0Clw
_ this guy was saying why does or QB even play football . I mean he had 150 yards passing with only one working leg so he could not get out of the pocket or run the ball
- He took the post down after I cursed at him for about a paragraph and told him that I don't respect him at any more I was on plain on posting it but o well also JT got on him as well

Another note about this chick
#102310 -Day:Social  C7eHYC3
- one on the left

- I don' if she wants to fuck me or is like that to everyone. Idk I mean I have not even really know her but for about a mouth. I mean I fuck her but idk, I mean all i have to go buy are hints and that see told me that she get horny when she gets drunk and the normal flirting. mean when I just read that I just felt like a bitch.,, FML - "Fuck it"

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#102310 -Day:Social
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