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PostSubject: #102410-Day:Social    #102410-Day:Social  I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 24, 2010 9:41 pm

#102410 16:34hours

-Woke up 9:47am
- Went to church10est sleep there
- Sunday school:waste of time:N there was some chick in there that was Flirting but i don't think so its church and I think I get no where
- Fell a sleep in church and sorned FML
- Cometary: it is what it is
- Went to see my other grandmother in the Nurseing Home: THAT WAS FUCKING HORRABLE AND A WASTE OF MY FUCKING TIME JUST die already
- 2:30estFOOD- Yum
- Home- THank god
- watched Wall Street Money never sleeps
- 2Vindictus User Bars
- SOme thing else I don't remember
- 2.5 liters Of the Dew

- add Jayren on FB
-Talked to Katlyn ( Below is the just of it I cut out the earlier BS

#102410-Day:Social  Kateyl10
*Yea The FB chat does not expand so I could screen shot the whole so I have little by little sorry for shit quality
Yea see is not mad at me because I got a message form her asking what was the math homework like a 2 hours later

Also there was this about 30mins after the IMing stop, And me being a selfcenter asshole thinks its about me (More than likely it ain't but still)

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