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 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Online

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PostBattlefield Bad Company 2 Online

Game:Battle Field Bad Company:2 Online for the PS3

Developer: Dice (Digital Illusion Creative Entertainment)

Publisher: EA(Electronic Arts)

Genre: First Person Shooter

-destructive environments
-Good sound
-Good amount of Great Realistic Weapons
-Almost No lag
-A good balance of Vehicle and personal
-Sniping is Fun and challenging
_your bullets stay in game after you die
- The Game play is slower than other shooters
-In Normal game modes people can take a lager amount of Damage (but Hardcore fixes that)
-you can only talk to your squad once in one
- The knife take about a 1sec to 2 seconds to kill
-There are only four game types

After playing BFBC2 until I got all the weapons unlocked I have a great understanding of the online play.With this If you happen to play the online demo and did hated then don't get it ,but if you liked it a little I say buy this game at once this is one of the greatest shooter I have played in my thoughts. The destructive map were if see a camper sitting on a roof or comer just blow up the comer or the entire house if you like.The sound in the game at frist is best sounding shooter ever in my opian but this effect wear off after a few hours of game play,and every gun has it own sounds which is nice to be able to tell what is shooting at you with out look at the gun and being able to hear the guy try to flank you. The gun in the game are real and feel that way the recoil,clips size, sound and other things and there being 46 guns is nice also.With a lager map and trees and houses blowing up all around you there is almost never lag which is wonderful.The vehicles all have a easy driving (everything but the things that fly) and they can be game changers with almost every class be able to destroy or hurt the vehicles there some evenness to the blanch. Sinping in this game is funnest in a game that I have ever played because about after 50yard the bullet drops about a 2 inches off cross hairs and more with more distance which can 500yards and more I have only ever been once out of range in the game with a 12x scope in the 75plus hours I have played so 9999/10000 times you can see you can hit it and another goo thing I have not heard in other review is that when you die the bullets you shot right before die (examples a sniper hit you with a round and did not kill you find him shoot you get a head death but at the same time he shot one time and kill you so you killed each other or like with a rpg you get shot right after you shot the rpg can still go destroy that tank you were aiming at ) After talking to some of my friends that played BFBC2 they say the game play is to slow for them and they are right the game goes a lot slower in this game but it requires you to think and act as a team more I think so that is pro and a con for some people also after some people think that the game is to hard to just start to playing I think the game is fine but I have played a lot of it so if you are not the smart or does not like a learning curve you also mite not like this game.In the normal game modes the players can take some damage if you not use a heavy damage weapon but it is all up to person to person.A problem I have with this game is that you can only talk you the people that are in you four person squad and that sucks in my opian I like the channel idea they had in MAG(you can change channels in voice to take to other squads)The other thing that get me killed more than anything is knifing coming form cod where knifing takes like 2 frames and then going to BFBC2 which takes almost like 2 whole seconds to knife some that just to long. And some people like playing different game type like every other game and this there is only 4 main type Rush(LIKE playing offence and the other team playing De fence on five set of 2 points), Conquest which is Domination on COD but you don't get point to reach at each point gives you tickets that your team spends for re pones), Squad Death match it is up to 5 squads trying to get to a set amount of kills/Also there is a squad Rush and there is hardcore modes for all these this is my review of BFBC2 online this is a buy for me but you make that deschision with the fact and knowing what you like

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Online Final-10
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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Online

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