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 TheSoviet Day;Social;POD 111610

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PostSubject: TheSoviet Day;Social;POD 111610   TheSoviet Day;Social;POD 111610 I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 18, 2010 12:51 am

111710 2008

- Woke 701am ; SORE AS SHIT
- Stay-up till 4 am last night; so In return turn I slept till 4th block
- Weight room at school; Webb said that I mite win All District; ^^
V-School Work out for today-V (Mine
TheSoviet Day;Social;POD 111610 11161010
- I think that I see people in need more than other people; This seem random Fuck it Owell
- It seems that random smart Perp class chicks are talking to me more than use to; Do I appear nicer than use to; No clue
- I am have trouble telling weather people are humoring me or Gernally want to talk to me; I mean I can tell most of the time- I just get a feeling but some ppl I just can't tell; And if they are why I mean I know ppl respect( at least when I ear shot)some fear, Some Love Some are just nice people; I mean I know 99% of the time but idk Whatever; NOW I feel like a bitch because I just wrote all this shit out ....

TheSoviet Day;Social;POD 111610 Death_10

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TheSoviet Day;Social;POD 111610
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