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 #102810 Day~Soical:EXTRA

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PostSubject: #102810 Day~Soical:EXTRA   #102810 Day~Soical:EXTRA I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 1:11 am

#102810 23:59hours

- Woke up 6:42am
- Fire Lab- in Chem - Pertty cool
- slept til GA
- football - I should be able to play : not starting
- OA: lax day- got some work on project as well

Kateyln - I have no fucking clue any more, but the guys she was talking to all had gf :lol

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Yako Kanno Music
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^Increase in kill thoughts to DAy :^^


#102810 Day~Soical:EXTRA Chinese-student-sleeping-positions-08-boss
Translation :Boss Style
Novelty Factor: 3/5
In general, those who don’t look mean/evil enough will find it difficult to have the courage to sleep like this, its level of disrespect to [the teacher] can only make others shake their heads [in dismay].

Body Language: I fucking want to sleep, what business is it of your’s?
(This is how I sleep in school)

#102810 Day~Soical:EXTRA Final-10
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#102810 Day~Soical:EXTRA
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