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 Black Ops killstreaks

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PostBlack Ops killstreaks

Spy Plane – Basically a UAV but you can’t shoot it down.

Gunship Turret – In the video, you were in a gunship fling circles around the map, firing a Gatling gun. Your perspective was that of the person firing the turret and you had no control over the gunship.

Mobile Turret – This is just like the turret from MW2, although in this case, during the video, I saw the guy reposition the turret after setting it down and getting a few kills.

Mobile SAM – This is an anti-air support weapon. Similar to the mobile turret. Just set down and forget.

Remote Control Missile – after firing, you get a black and white CCTV image of the missiles point of view. You’re able to control the pitch and direction of the missile and basically fly it anywhere until it strikes something.

RCXD – Drive a remote control car around and blow someone up with it.

Counter Spy Plane – Didn’t get a good look at what this does, but it seems to take out spy planes.

Hind Gunship – You actually fly the helicopter and have a machine gun and rockets to fire on your own.

Mortar Strike – It allows you to set up three separate strikes on a map, wherever you choose.

Attack Dogs – Same as WaW, but, you can escape from them IF you don’t fire your weapon…

Attack Helicopter – Cobra flies around and shoots at enemies.

Rolling Thunder – You set the direction and a B-52 drops a ton of bombs in a line.

Napalm Strike – Similar to the Air Strike, but with a blanket of fiery hell.

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Black Ops killstreaks

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